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The situation in Iran for artists, musicians, scholars and education in general is defined by restrictions in freedom of expression. Control of knowledge production (artistic knowledge, academic knowledge) means power. Knowledge production is controlled in order to restrict freedom of thought, which is why artists, scholars and activists who are expressing their views despite restrictions are key to the fight for liberation. That said, western universities and knowledge producers in the West need to acknowledge the production of these marginalized people. It is also important for (white) Europeans to reflect on their position in the systems that creates these oppressive conditions, such as capitalism and racism. What role can leftist political movements in Europe play in these struggles? Why is it important for these movements and for universities in Europe to listen to the voices of the marginalized people who are fighting outside of Europe in countries like Iran and those who are fighting inside Europe, such as refugees?

About the speaker: Amir Samani was born in Shiraz-Iran in 1996. He spent two years of his life in prisons in Iran, because of his activities against the Iranian regime. He is well educated in philosophy of mind and social psychology. He is a teacher of classical guitar and a poet that wrote numbers of critical poems and articles on execution, hijab, dogmatism, skepticism, racism and fascism.

Note: This talk will be held in English.

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