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On September 20th a meeting of the EU heads of states will take place in Salzburg, Austria. The key points on the agenda are so-called „internal security“ and „cyber security“ as well as the so-called „protection“ of the EU’s external borders against “illegal” migration. It is clear that thereby they mean a further expansion and strengthening of the deadly EU border regime, on the external borders as well as inside our cities, through more surveillance and control. It means more of their racist, sexist and exploitative politics and the attempt to further criminalise resistance(s).

We will not take this! Protests are planned on that day in Salzburg (see: https://nos20.blackblogs.org/call-aufruf/ and https://summit-salzburg.mobi/en/what-is-it-all-about/)

Smash security, organize safety!

Following the protest in Salzburg, we invite you to join the Counter Summit for Solidarity and Safety for All in Vienna from 21st to 23rd of September. We plan a three-day gathering with workshops, panels and time for informal exchange. We want to challenge their notion of security and develop strategies for organizing ourselves in our cities and neighborhoods. We want to move towards communities of solidarity and sanctuary cities. We will look for ways to connect and learn from our struggles in different contexts, by exchanging strategies on how to fight against deportations and how to strengthen solidarity in transit, be it on the external or internal borders of the EU. Struggles of migration will also be connected to issues of climate change, anti-fascist struggles and workers rights. We further want to share knowledge on surveillance, repression and the fight against police and their destructive violence and work out strategies to challenge their power and find ways to be in solidarity with each other.

More information will follow soon!

If you have any questions contact us here: countersummit [at] riseup.net [PGP upcoming] All information will be gathered and published soon on our blog: https://safety4all.noblogs.org