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Location: PerpetuuMobile, Geibelgasse 23, 1150 Vienna

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Anarchist Café on Sunday, 25th November

Discussion on the Text: "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All Our Movements."

This time we want to open the room for a discussion on this text, that was written by April Rosenblum. You can find the Text here:

Here is the Introduction:

For people who have committed themselves to fundamental social change, the situation we're stuck in with antisemitism is like a bad joke.

From one side, progressive and radical activists and scholars are being attacked by organized campaigns to brand us antisemites. In particular, it’s virtually impossible to speak out critically about Israel without being charged with antisemitism.

At the same time, we face real currents of unchallenged anti-Jewish oppression in our movements and the world. This endangers Jews, corrupts our political integrity, and sabotages our ability to create the effective resistance our times demand.

The Left has long procrastinated on taking on anti-Jewish oppression. In part we’ve had trouble because it looks different from the oppressions we understand, which enforce inferiority on oppressed groups to disempower them. Anti-Jewish oppression, on the other hand, can make its target look extremely powerful.

Antisemitism’s job is to make ruling classes invisible. It protects ruling class power structures, diverting anger at injustice toward Jews instead. But it doesn’t have to be planned out at the top. It serves the same ends, whether enshrined in law or institutionalized only in our minds; whether it's state policy, popular 'common sense,' or acts of grassroots movements like our own.

It's always a real struggle for the Left to successfully tackle oppression within its own ranks. But when we do it, our movements gain, every time, from the deeper understandings that emerge. To start the process this time, we need some basic information about what anti-Jewish oppression is and how to counter it. But it has to come from a perspective of justice for all people, not from opportunistic attempts to slander or censor social justice efforts that are gaining strength.

In writing this, I do not want activists to put aside the vital issues we already work on to switch to this one. No battle today for peoples’ basic human rights can afford to lose our energy and commitment. What’s called for is for us to integrate radical analysis of anti-Jewish oppression into the work we already do.

May the ideas here strengthen us for all the tasks ahead.

It's important for us to share our thoughts together respectfully and at eye level. There is no special knowledge required, to be part of the discussion. There won’t be any experts on the subject.

OPEN and cooking from 5 PM. Bring vegan and dumpster-vegetarian food if you want!


PLACE: PerpetuuMobile, Geibelgasse 23, 1150 Vienna




Diskussion zum Text: "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All Our Movements."

Dieses Mal wollen einen Raum aufmachen, um den Text von April Rosenblum zu diskutieren. Den Text findest du (auf Englisch) hier:

Wenn du die Einleitung lesen willst, siehe oben! (leider nur Englisch)

Es ist uns wichitg, dass wir unsere Gedanken und Ideen zu dem Thema gemeinsam und auf Augenhöhe teilen. Es wird kein Wissen voraussgesetzt, um an der Diskussion teilzunehmen. Auch wird es keine Expert*innen geben.

OFFEN und gemeinsames Kochen AB 17:00 UHR. Bringt gerne veganes oder dumpster-vegetarisches Essen mit!


ORT: PerpetuuMobile, Geibelgasse 23, 1150 Wien


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