organisiert von: WUK performing arts
Location: WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien

We’ve all been tricked. We’ve all been cheated. But we’ve all learnt to deal in a rational way, like grown-ups do. We would reach for mutual understanding, talk about “our truth” and “their truth” and if that all is not working we file a formal complaint or just step away and move on. But there are these moments when we just can’t and all of a sudden that paper bag with dog poo is on fire and we feel AMAZING.

For PCCC* #13, your favourite comedians will share their most relished stories of REVENGE. Witness them talk about the urge and the sweetness of this complex emotion - or maybe just plain logistics: how to get poo in paper bag, how to transport poo in paper bag, how to light on fire. Hear them talk about their unluckiest Nemesises, picture an endless montage scene in a Glenn Close movie starring the fiercest shoulder pads. This time around, V stands for Vendetta. Ain’t no story low enough!