Location: EKH

Baraka Face Junta was formed in 2009 on the ruins of STRACONY and Via Media as a result of anger, frustration, helplessness, sadness and love. In the face of the greatest catastrophe, with billions of people starving, more species are dying out, and global warming takes its toll, as class asymmetry has reached the level of absurdity, the junta enters our homes, our children’s schools. Slowly but systematically, going beyond the margins of all norms. Consciously invited, warmly welcomed, it crawls into public and non-governmental institutions. With the blessing of the church hierarchs and the anointing of politicians, brown goo pours into the minds. It fills the void, unites the masses. Scares. And in all this, we, lost, in love, frustrated, look with fear at our future and future generations. The blessed (Baraka) face of the regime (Junta) seemingly amuses with absurdity, irrationality. Populistically, with the approval of the electorate, it chose individuality, women, nature and life as her enemy. Built on the cult of strength and hatred, its power is frightening in scope, almost as much as social ignorance and indulgence in a politicized judiciary. The BFJ project is not the answer. Because we don’t know it. It is a resultant, it provokes reflection. It motivates us to act.