organisiert von: Janina Vivianne & Loslassen Verein
Location: Sargfabrik Wien

💞 Sensual Playful Speeddating 💞 - 25.05.2023 A unique speed dating workshop that transcends traditional conversations, the focus is primarily on nonverbal communication, creating a sensual and playful atmosphere. Explore the depths of connection and attraction as you experiment with desires, establish boundaries, and navigate the nuances of touch.

Inspired by the principles of the Wheel of Consent, this workshop invites you to engage in a series of tactile activities that facilitate meaningful interactions.

Discover the power of subtle gestures and unspoken connections as you navigate the realms of giving, taking, receiving, and allowing.

The Speed dating workshop specifically designed for the queer community, where inclusivity and diversity are celebrated . This event embraces individuals of all genders and orientations, creating a safeR and welcoming space for exploration.

When: 22.05.23 - 8:30 pm till 10 pm

🎉 Where: Seminarraum, Sargfabrik, Goldschlagstraße 169, 1140 Wien Language: English ( mit Deutscher Übersetzung möglich)

💫 Price: Full Cost ticket 30 €, Supporter ticket 50€, Sustaining tickets 20 €

Money should not be a reason why not to attend 💞 We strive for a Solidarity economy 🍃 So if you don’t have any money for workshops write us an email.

For more Information and the Application visit our website

Workshop Facilitator - Janina Vivianne

✨Structure of the Workshop✨ 20:15 Check in & Soft Arrival 20:30 Opening Circle Workshop Agreements 3 C s - Consent, Care, & Confidentiality 20:35 Space Close & Connection Games Start 22:00 Workshop end

🧬Covid Protocol: Please make a test before coming (ideally a PCR test not older than 48 Hours or 24h Antigen Test) we will check them at the entrance.

🍃Accessibility: The Sargfabrik workshop space is fully wheelchair accessible with toilets close by. In the sign up form asks for your access needs, in order to support your journey.

✨ Inclusivity: We will wear name tags and use gender neutral language. We aim to be a hetero-friendly space while we prioritize the needs of marginalized people.