organisiert von: Queer & feminist BK Collective
Location: Goldschlagstrasse 8, 1150 Wien

Come with any bike or without bike, we will collectively have knowledge and skills about bike-repair and bike-building. We’d like to share knowledge and skills and make it accessible to any_body. This space is open for Queers, FLINTA*S, and racialized people. It is imagined as collaborative, conscious and careful, requesting for explanation - without mansplaining, without competing. The DIY&DIT stands for Do it Yourself and Do it Together.

It works like this: You bring your bike and we check together on spot what needs to be done and if you/we can repair it. If it’s possible to repair it on spot, then it’s hands-on for you with the provided tools and knowledge and support. We ask for donations to keep our regular maintenance costs of the bike kitchen covered.

If you feel addressed by this, pass by!

Yours Queer&Feminist Bikekitchen Vienna Collective