organisiert von: Tipping Points
Location: Kulturzentrum 4lthangrund

Date: Tuesday, 16th of April , 19:00 Austrian time (20:00 Greek time) Location: Kulturzentrum 4lthangrund Language: English (with German simultaneous translation)

Golden Dawn is a far-right neo-Nazi ultranationalist criminal organization and former political party in Greece. Golden Dawn rose to prominence during Greece’s financial crisis of 2009, becoming the third most popular party in the Greek parliament in the January 2015 election. Its support since plunged, and it failed to enter parliament in the 2019 election.

Golden Dawn was met with wide spread resistance from a variety of organisations, initiatives and individuals. We’ve invited two people who were involved in and have researched the movement. We are hoping to get some inspiration and useful learnings for the Austrian struggle against FPÖ, Identitäre and the general slide to the right.

Dr. Krini Kafiris is a researcher, trainer and activist/organiser. She will give us an overview of the activist and academic research on Golden Down and the movement against it: Who were relevant actors, how where they organised. She will also talk about her personal experience in the movement….

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